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  • We started out as “foodies” before the term existed. My wife and I come from very social families and there were always lots of people around whether for planned events or impromptu gatherings. Put in the most basic terms, we like to eat but don’t most people? This love of food grew into a passion for cooking for the both of us. The breakthrough for us was when we lived and traveled throughout Europe for 3 years. It was a unique opportunity to be able to expand our knowledge and appreciation for different culinary styles and ingredients. You will taste a lot of different influences and spices in this blend based on those experiences.
  • So... a love of food and cooking, our entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to share this with others and you’ve got this exotic, Mediterranean spice rub. An amazing blend of 21 spices that has been time tested with chefs, friends, and colleagues. It’s an extremely versatile blend that works great on chicken, pork, seafood and vegetables. If you share our passion for food, we are sure you will find new ways to put this blend to work in your kitchen. Watch for new and exciting blends on the horizon.



This is a very easy recipe that will complement any dinner. The spice mix gives the potatoes a wonderful color and flavor!

Phil’s 21™ Classic Chicken Recipe is a classic grilled chicken recipe redesigned to include Phil's 21™ Spice Rub.

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